Website Collaboration: The Process

Each of my web projects is a collaboration. Beginning with your answers to a long list of starter questions, followed by a series of conversations, (or sometimes more questions, first, depending on how you answer the first round,) I offer guidance to uncover the ideal design and layout that reflects the stated vision. My clients are primarily writers and artists, owners of small businesses, non-profit organizations and others who want their smaller online projects developed with a personal touch. (There's a lot of hand-holding in my daily rhythms. Several people have moved me into their guest rooms for a few days so we can work long, odd hours, and really get those creative discussions flowing. You can only imagine how much fun those projects have been for all of us.)

Once we have a shared understanding of what the finished site should look like, what it should accomplish, and how it's going to be maintained, I’ll go away to “the drawing board” and draft the elements that ultimately show up in The Exciting New Website. (Yes. I use words like "exciting" in my daily vocabulary. You'll want to be okay with that if you're considering working with me. Putting your important work out into the world should be exciting, don't you think? If you don't, I'm not going to judge you. But you might enjoy working with someone a little less enthusiastic.)

Among the Squarespace-based, site-related services I offer to clients:

  • Complete setup, creation, and custom design of new site.
  • Migration of all Squarespace 5 content from older site into Squarespace 7, followed by as much or little help customizing the new site.
  • Squarespace training. This can be handled in person for local or nearby clients, over the phone, via email, or using Skype or Google Hangout. I also share key links to Squarespace-created written tutorials and training videos.
  • For more intensive training you can refer to again and again, I've also begun offering custom video tutorials clients can watch again and again at their leisure. Whatever your learning style, I'll work with you to create the training that best suits you. Usually it's a combination of all the training options I've listed.
  • If you've jumped in and started work on your new site and are interested in having a Squarespace specialist** either take over, or merely coach you to the next step, I very much enjoy training of this kind.

What about that ADHD business?

Quite a lot is said on this site about my number of non-professional creative interests and also about The Attention Deficit Disorder Factor. In context of my work, a few details are in order so I've put together a page with this topic especially in mind.

Learn more about my website design collaboration process here ›

** Although there is an official "Squarespace specialist" designation, I have thus-far elected not to apply for listing. The reason is that I have often fielded requests for much more work than I could ever feasibly take on. It takes a surprising amount of time to just handle these inquiries with any quality, respectful attention. As a result, I chose to minimize requests altogether for a while. I could one day change my mind - or need more referrals - but for now, I'm happy and grateful for the perfect amount of work that doesn't include quite so much time having to turn people away.