Even if you're NOT in college: 10 Reasons to Consider Couchsurfing this Summer

One of the folks over at Best Online Colleges dropped me a note to tell me about their recent post: 10 Reasons to Consider Couchsurfing this Summer. I'm a member of CouchSurfing - albeit a noob with much to brave and learn - and am always keen to learn more about this service.

It's a quality list with a nice introduction to key considerations any potential surfer could use. If you've been considering CouchSurfing, you might want to check it out. Admittedly their use, in #6, of the phrase "most desirable cities" made me pause a bit, since to me "largest" and "most populated" and "most popular with tourists" isn't, to me, necessarily the same thing as "most desirable," I still think it's a useful list. Maybe you'll find it so, too.