Nature vs nurture & the laid-back traveler; meeting my parents one more time in WV

Packing the lightest back of my entire travel history, I called my mom to find out if she has a hair dryer in her own. "No. But I have a curling iron!" I am my mother's daughter, and answers just like that regularly come from my own lips. So I mostly cut her some slack and grabbed one of my own. Then she said, "It sounds like you're about to leave. You might beat us there!"

I beg your pardon?! It was a couple of hours ago that she called to say that they were leaving Greenville (SC) to make the drive to West Virginia, where I'm meeting my parents. The tasks I've accomplished since that call astound even me, so I figured they'd beat me by miles. Alas, my folks have stopped in Asheville to enjoy a late, leisurely lunch and enjoy this beautiful day.

And so it is when Watsons take a road trip. Which is why instead of heading out as planned, I thought I'd just sit with the knowledge that the bags are packed, my errands complete, and I have a lovely drive ahead of me... to write a little blog post in this long-neglected blog.

Friends' reactions have ranged from amused to incredulous when they hear I'm heading off for a trip, only to discover I haven't left by 3pm. I just shrug: I don't know any other way. Sure, Granddaddy and Bigmama used to wake all the grandkids up at about 3am to beat the highway traffic. That behavior made no sense at all, especially to a night owl, and so I followed the leadings of my parents, instead.

The reason I'm making this fairly-inconveniently-timed trip is because after I spent the greater part of the spring and summer of 2009 in my now-deceased grandparents' home, (not the early risers; the other ones,) when I finally got fed up with the novelty of it all and couldn't bear one more trip up there, I left a couple of pieces of small furniture, a lamp, comforter, dishes... you know, the stuff I don't want to lose forever, but which I haven't missed much at all these last couple of years. My parents finally just may be about to sell the house. If it's all the same to me, could I please come get my stuff now?

And so I'm taking a couple of days off from work for a road trip.

I've missed travel of any kind, and this will be fun. First, though, I have to slow down my brain and quit thinking of the things I'm not doing. The website designs will wait. The writing will wait. And the studio for which I still haven't stained the shelving or sewn the curtains? That'll wait too.

The temperature is around 65 degrees where I live, and the skies are clear. Could I ask for a better way to spend my afternoon? I think not. Now if I can finagle it so I arrive just about the time my parents do. They drive much more slowly than I do, and I'm told they can't find the key. Hopefully there's one that will work on this extra ring of keys that hold many more to the homes of all my friends and house-sitting "clients." Otherwise, "breaking and entering" will show up on the list of "interesting tidbits about this little trip." For now, I guess that's enough stalling. Better get on the road...

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