Between posts on the would-be travel blog; find your Wayfarin' Vagabond!

You can't post an announcement about wanderlust and just disappear from the blog. It's bad form. The people who show up and read it will think you're off having adventures. And they'd be half right. I'm having adventures right here in town. Work adventures, that is.

After getting all geared up to go on a little southern jaunt, I got sick, which led to getting behind on some projects, and I've been here ever since. I missed my California friends during their Atlanta stay, but the family and friends who remain on this coast are still holding a spot for me.

Alas, maybe in March. It's tricky to start a travel-related blog while you're in the middle of a big fun trip. It's fun for a while, but after that? Well, after that when you get home and need to make the money for future trips, sometimes travel moves a little further off your radar. I haven't been true to the mission of this blog. I mean to share all the fabulous travel resources with you that I peruse when I'm planning a trip. And then? Well, then: Life. The life that happens between rambling around. The life that supports these particular rhythms.

My life will include some travel again, don't doubt it. Right now, I'm up to here in fascinating client work and organizational tasks that are vital to living this wonky little life of mine.

Coming sometime:

  • The story of a traveling stuffed animal and its use in teaching children world geography.

  • The story of my friend who's moving to England for a couple of years and how I hope to hook up with her soon, before she leaves. She's got some great visa application stories. I'm encouraging a travel/expat blog and would even be interested in helping her with the design! Then I'll feel better about all the fabulous hosting and side-jaunts she'll offer when I show up in Europe later this year!

  • Some of my favorite travel-related sites.

  • More guest posts by people who are, in fact, traveling!

What about you? Are you a would-be travel junkie? What do you do to keep the balance when you're home and not on the road?