And just like that, the wanderlust came back!

The thing about having nomadic wiring is that you can only ignore the urge to go away for so long. Even if your destination isn't all sexy and fancy like Cabo, being "somewhere else" after a while - anywhere else but here, even when "here" is perfectly lovely and exceedingly agreeable in every way - will start to feel imperative. Because it's here, see. And nomads? We sometimes just need to be there. It's that simple!

You can get cozy for a while. You can find a groove and keep a schedule and even enjoy a rhythm that feels a little "normal" for a while. You might even convince yourself maybe you are like your more typical friends, for a while. And then? At the slightest mention of a plan that might unfold somewhere else... well, just be alert. Things start to change in the brain.

It is my firm belief that you're better off if you pay attention to these travel urges and ignore the inner voice that whispers "You should wait and make a bigger, better plan for later." Maybe not. Maybe you should just turn this urge into a plan and go have a blast in SC and GA and AL. Because as of right now, that's where I'm pretty sure I'm going. Because one of the great things about being somewhere else is that it's very often not at all about the destination, but the people who will be in those destinations. And interesting people are everywhere. Even in deep south states with little towns nobody else ever heard of.

This little spark of a plan started while on the phone with California friends this weekend. Turns out they'll be in Atlanta for a while.  Atlanta where my other very good friend lives. Atlanta that is on the other side of my parents' home and on the way to my Granddaddy's home. Granddaddy matters in this story because, at 91, things in his future don't necessarily seem to stretch on indefinitely whereas they once sort of seemed to. Sure, it was an illusion then, too, but that illusion is fading. I need to see my Granddaddy. 

But it didn't start with my Granddaddy. I'll admit it. It started with the fact that my birthday is next week, I was looking to shake things up and do something not on the daily radar, and some of my favorite people were suddenly going to be in a city that's accessible to me, all at the same time.

I don't have a real plan yet. Not really. What I actually have is an insane need to keep my booty in this chair and get some serious work done. And if I do that, maybe I'll be allowed to excuse myself from Greensboro for a while, and head south. Who knows for how long?

I'm already starting to think about my drivin' tunes...