Changing a non-world-traveling mindset

Segment of a map featuring the Caspian SeaFantasies of world travel have been with me since I was in high school and sat across a bedroom from my friend who was obsessed with All Things Australia. She could talk endlessly about her plans for one day trekking through the outback, and I would go right along with her in my mind. National Geographic photography, too, provided early hints about all that lay "out there" in the great wide world. Though admittedly a lot of what I saw there scared me, too. Why, for example, would those women allow stacks and stacks of rings to be placed around their elongated necks?

Because international travel was never a part of my upbringing, the idea of seeing the world became relegated, I think, to a part of my brain occupied by books. The fantasies of seeing faraway lands were intertwined with the novels that peppered my world. Just like my beloved fiction, the leanings toward seeing the world was tucked away all tidy in a box you might label "that might be nice one day."

Just like the day-to-day goals we learn to set around education and career, becoming "a world traveler" is going to require a major overhaul in mindset, with some healthy doses of conscious discipline. When I get home from this trip I'm on right now, I'm anxious to craft some goals for myself that can be achieved in my own town, that will continue to let me stretch my world view. I'm not ready for my trip to end, but it's definitely something to look forward to, once I'm home.