A Bit About Me and Why this Blog Exists

The Short Version:

I was elated to discover that there's a term for the way I live. "Location Independent" freelancing types are popping up everywhere nowadays, and since I dug up my shallow-ish roots 5 years ago, I've grown to prefer this way of living. Most of the choices these past few years have been by default. Accidental, even. Based on short-term planning only. Now that it's become my preferred way of living, I'm on a quest to live more consciously, and have started crafting some challenges for myself to cut through some honkin' fears I've discovered. And then? Then I'm going to see the world. This blog is about those challenges and the lessons I'm learning along the way.

I think of Greensboro, NC as home... it's where my storage unit is, it's where tons of my friends live, it's where my beloved nephew lives. And sometimes? Sometimes I send post cards back to the little guy and show him pictures I took in places outside of Greensboro.

It would be awesome if I could learn some lessons worthy of sharing with others on a similar journey. It would be even more awesome if my sharing these lessons helped you on your own path!

I hope you'll leave comments and tell me about your own travel, no matter how "simple" or adventurous!

The long version of what this blog is all about is over here!

A Bit About this Website

I designed Wayfarin' Vagabond using Squarespace. It's the platform I use for all the websites I build because that platform made designing websites fun for me again. I've been using Squarespace since the beginning of '05 and although I've dabbled in other platforms along the way, I've always returned. And I've returned because:

  • of how easy they make it to do the specific things I like to do online.

  • And their customer service response time is great.

  • And these sites are cleanly coded at the level that's over my head, which means their customers get the organic Google luv, once we put in the time and work.

  • And you can build a site on this platform in a very short period of time.

  • And they handle the security stuff for me, which works out nicely for me since I find internet security daunting and not a little overwhelming.

  • And Squarespace has built-in stats reporting so I don't have to log into another account to see where my traffic is coming from.

  • And lots of other reasons, too, but that's a good start.

I should now tell you that links to Squarespace on this site are affiliate links. Which means that if you click on them and sign up and become their paying customer, I'll make a little $. But most of the time I forget they even have an affiliate program (automatic for all customers; there's no need to even do anything to sign up, once you're their customer,) because I'd use this platform if they didn't reward me for it. But they do. Which is just one more little bonus among many...

Also, sometimes I help others design their own Squarespace websites. You don't necessarily need me for this, since Squarespace makes it easy for many people to do this themselves. But sometimes you're too busy, or not interested in putting the time into learning it by yourself. Or maybe you have your own reasons for wanting to work with someone else. You can see some samples of sites I've helped with over here.

A Bit About the Photos on this Site

I took them all. Okay, not the one of myself in the banner, or any others of me that might show up here. But unless otherwise credited - something that could happen one day - the shots are all mine.