The little guy wants to join me in Greece

Photo of my young nephew who now wants to travel with me to Greece.Full Disclosure: There's no active Greece-trip-planning happening around here right now. Which is really a pity...

On the phone with sis a few minutes ago, she told me this story:

"You know how Rami's always planning a festival?" (I do. He is. Always Planning A Festival. Or his birthday party. Or next year's family Christmas extravaganza. But festivals are huge for this kid. Ones he goes to... and ones he plans himself; hours of fun.) Again, he's planning a festival.

It seems their family has a new wall calendar that features 12 gorgeous photos shot in Greece. So Rami walked by this calendar during his big planning session, did a double-take, and said, "Mommy! Where's this?" She told him it was Greece, and he declared, "This would be a great place for our festival! We should have it there! Can we go tomorrow?"

Sis chuckled and said, "You know who wants to go to Greece?" He asked who, and she said, "Your Mimi has always wanted to go to Greece..."

Twenty minutes later, her hubby walked in the room and said, "You might want to go handle that." "Handle what?" she inquired. "Rami's packing his suitcase. For Greece. Now." So she went to have a talk with her cherub. Who was, like me, highly disappointed that he won't be going to Greece tomorrow. "But you said!!! You said I could go with Mimi!"

We're working on time and distance, and one bittersweet day he'll have a better concept of reality. OH how I hope he can grasp these lessons and also be able to hold on to his sense of exploration and adventure and desire to see more than what's right out his front door. If I have anything to say about it, he sure will...