The Pessemiers Paint Italy

My friend emailed me this note: "If you haven't signed up for the "quirky" woman blog you must not miss this one.  What a dream these people are living!!  Oh, to be young again, or have a 'do over' !"

The "quirky woman" of whose blog she speaks is this artist named Laurie Fox Pessemier who, with Blair Pessemier, left Seattle in '93 for Paris. Their website,, features both their art, and these Suck You In blog posts. The ones I've read thus-far have sucked me in, at any rate.

Like the one from Tuesday, Artnotes: Spaghetti, in which she shared their recent trip from Paris to Italy. It's the kind of writing that makes you at least glad you can read about someone else's travel stories, even if you are currently designing websites in a Greensboro suburb on a Thursday afternoon instead of driving from Paris to visit your American friend who just rented an Italian villa.

A snippet for you:

We drove around Rimini seeking the Malatesta temple, but never found it.  We drove up the coast, Harika playing with a number of Italian dogs on the beach, to see St. Apollinaire in Classe, a Byzantine cathedral from 549 CE.  It was impeccably restored, with gold and glass mosaics of sheep and the sky:  happy motifs before the punishment phase of Christianity.    I could hardly believe someone stood and looked at the same marvelous art as I was,  1461 years earlier.   Before Columbus, before Ghengis Kahn, before Charlemagne,  before Mohammed; I might have looked like a giant, but would have been dead by 55 surely.

It was hard, though, to decide which piece I wanted to share with you here. There was so much. The food. The views. The part where they parked their car in a no parking zone and, wipers on "mist" painted what was before them before continuing on.

Just go read it for yourself. Take a wee break from your own lovely but perhaps also non-traveling rhythms and just go read. And look at the paintings they did on this trip. Not completely unlovely.