Let the Smithsonian help with your Travel Life List

Have you ever made a list of places you wanted to go sometime in your life? I think it's possible we all have such a list, even if we've never written it. Maybe you'd like to see the amazing art exhibited in the Louvre or climb Machu Picchu. Perhaps, instead, you'll just be satisfied if you see the Grand Canyon.

If you're like me, all three of these are on your master list - that Life List I first wrote about back here and even later promised to have published by the end of November. Ahem. (Related blog post forthcoming. The Fates are still figuring out whether or not I will meet that particular goal.)

There's an interesting list from a long-past edition of the Smithsonian Magazine. I found it online tonight: 28 Places to See Before You Die. As a hat tip to my beloved friend, Margot, I'm going to take liberties with their title and suggest 28 Places to See During Your Lifetime. (Explanation available if you go back and read my original Life List post.)

Whatever you call it, it's an interesting list. I won't give away the 28 places (well, aside from the ones I already mentioned,) but I thought their categories were kinda' nifty. They've grouped these 28 into handy groups of 4. Here are the sections:

Portals into the Past
Walk the timeless streets and byways of ancient cities on three continents

Feats of Engineering
The world's surviving architectural wonders hewed from stone and mortar beckon as ever

A Matter of Timing
Choosing the right year, month or even moment can make all the difference

Triumphs of Vision
Come face to face with history's finest works of art and design

Scale New Heights
Don't just see nature's most spectacular sites—experience them

In the Presence of Gods
Encounter temples so magnificent then could only have been built by divine inspiration

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?
Visit these deteriorating or threatened destinations before they disappear

Curious to know more? Read the complete list here!

How do you choose? Tonight, not traveling but rather home in a holding pattern (ie. working to make the money for my next trip,) I'm wistful. Wonder if the Smithsonian would be interesting in sponsoring a blogging traveler? :) Prolly shouldn't add that to my own Life List, eh?