From a time before the internet was such a big part of our world

Another book I found while picking up warm clothes from storage last week is The Do It Did It Handbook: A "To Do" List for Life, which is apparently so old now that you can find 41 used copies (starting at a penny!) on Amazon! The title and the conversation-starting potential once intrigued me, so I bought this book - well over 10 years ago. Once it jumped back out at me, I brought it back with me thinking it would be a good trigger for some personal challenges related to this website. Or maybe even would help with the ole' Life List. Gotta' tell ya, initially I was disappointed. Flipping through the book after all those years, I found topics like "Clever ways to get kids to sleep" and "Good arguments to use when asking for a raise." Oh. Well then.

Then I remembered two things: 1. The book did, in fact, help me start lots of lively conversations at social gatherings I've hosted over the years, and 2. It's written to be used by a variety of people from all walks of life. "Shooting for the averages" would have been in the mind of these initial list-makers. So of course "Magic tricks I would like to learn and perform," and "Hair colors I would like to try" are reasonable topics. In that context.

Still, for my own purposes, I flipped through enough pages that I finally found a few topics that could be useful in crafting some intentional Travel, Adventure, or just Get Out Of Your Ruts plans. Here are a few I found interesting:

  • Things I want to see in major cities

  • International holiday festivals I would like to attend

  • Cities to visit

  • Great weekend getaways

  • Historical landmarks I would like to visit

  • Mountains I would like to climb

  • Interesting people I have met while traveling that I would like to remember

  • National parks I would like to visit

  • Oceans I would like to sail

  • States to visit while traveling cross-country

  • Places to scuba dive or snorkle

  • Places to ski

  • Train rides I would like to take

  • Cheap one-day trips

So in the end, I like some of these triggers. What states will I want to go through when I plan my cross-country trip? What train rides would I like to take? What international holiday festivals would I like to attend?

What about you? Do any of these topics trigger latent goals or dreams from your own lists? Care to share? Any ideas for new lists that should appear in this selection?