What constitutes "vagabond," anyway?

On the way to dinner with a car filled with friends.

"What's this 'Wayfarin' Vagabond' thing, anyway?

"It's my new blog."

"Oh. Cool."

[Pulled it up on my iPhone and showed it off...]

"Wow! That's nice... I like it!"

"Thank you."

"But you're not really a vagabond."

"No? How do you figure?"

"You can't be! You live in my basement!"

"Sometimes I do, yes. But what about all those other years? Before I lived in your basement? And when I'm not in town..."

"Forget the other years. Now you live in my basement. So you can't be a real vagabond."

"I see your point. But it's a good hook, no?"

"Yea. I do like it..."