Budget Travel's Call for unique travel tips!

Over at Budget Travel's blog, "This Just In," they've put out a call for unique travel tips. To get the conversation started and help readers know the kinds of tips they're looking for, they offered a list of great past suggestions. Among them, I thought these were useful:

  1. Pack a Ziploc bag for any and all purposes.

  2. Bring a nightlight so you don’t stub your toe in dark, unfamiliar hotel rooms.

  3. Pack old clothes so you can throw them away on vacation and fill the newly empty space in your suitcase with souvenirs. 

Except I would suggest not throwing the clothes away but, instead, finding a (nearly always accessible) second-hand store or donation box and passing the unused items on to someone else. Or, at very least, perhaps you can find a nice person to help. Like my Seattle friend who was helping me get to the airport on time so soon after that last load of laundry, who offered to drop my pieces off at a shelter where she volunteers.

My own addition to their list was specific to iPhone users, but I learned this tip the hard way as I was helping my girlfriend navigate through unfamiliar Oregon roads a few months ago:

If you're using the Google Map app for navigation assistance and you're one of those people who, like me, tends to update the directions along the way, make sure you capture a screen shot of your directions before you go clicking around and making updates. There's nothing like finding yourself on a long stretch of unfamiliar road and suddenly losing connectivity and - as a result - a perfectly good map or list of directions that were so helpful just minutes ago!

What about you? Do you have other tips to share? We'd love to hear them! And don't forget to check out the full list at Budget Travel!

Shout out to Karen Rutherford at PSMing.com who mentioned Budget Travel in her recent blog/diary post. Which was the reminder that led me to find today's handy list! Thanks Karen!