Sea anemones... gross AND amazing!

Sea Anemones, Cannon Beach, Oregon Earlier today, I took my nephew to the library. Oddly, it's the first time we've been together. We had a blast.

Which is not my point. Near the end of our time together, before his mom came to meet up with us, I read aloud to him from a stack of books we had chosen together. In one of the books, a remarkable array of sea creatures were illustrated and listed in a lovely parade of aqatic smorgasboardery. And then we came... to the lowly sea anemone. The Sea Anemone As In That Creature I'd Heard All About For Ever But Only Finally Saw When I Was In Cannon Beach, Oregon, Six Weeks Ago!

And it hit me, then, just how cool it was that I could pick up my iPhone, shuffle back through hundreds of photos and show The Coolest Four Year Old I Know an actual photograph - that I took my very own self - of a real live sea anemone. Something I never would have seen, let alone photographed, had I decided to just stay home.

He said, "Mimi, that's gross," and giggled, then turned the page.

Still, I loved that I could show him...