When you (accidentally) break your successful NaBloPoMo streak...?

It's one thing to consider a goal you've been working toward, and decide, "Nah. I'm not doing that anymore." Making a conscious decision has power. Sometimes that power is flawed and skewed, sure! At least this writer is capable of justifying just about anything you put in front of her. But still, it's got to do with owning your decisions and living with your choices. All that.

But failing at something because you forgot? C'mon now! Not cool.

That's what I woke up to, this morning. The discovery that all that fun and play I indulged in last night? I forgot to sneak away and write the blog post I was formulating in my head throughout the day. Just plain forgot. (Which, to those who don't know why that matters, is because I have been writing a blog post every day this month, as a participant in NaBloPoMo. That's all. Nothing earth-shattering. Only; sigh...)

So today I'm faced with not only the realization that not only did I blog consistently for 19 sequential days and then miss a day by accident, but a smattering of resulting questions, too:

  1. Do you just pick up and move on as if nothing ever happened?

  2. Do you write an extra post to show your good intentions?

  3. Do you set yourself the goal again for another month, just to successfully pull it off?

  4. Do you drop the whole business and blog whenever it suits you, as you were doing before you took on the NaBloPoMo challenge?

Well, I have some answers, based on the mental responses that emerged as I wrote the questions:

  1. Yea. Sort of. I committed to writing every day, and even though I failed to do this, I still want to complete a long string of blog posts through the month of November.

  2. I'll probably do that, too. Why not? Even if the "extra" post didn't appear within my blog during the appropriate 24 hour block, it's as close as I can come to redeeming myself. (Realizing, as I do, that pretty much nobody in the universe cares whether or not I blog 30 days in a row. It's a personal goal. That's all. So keeping the numbers even, at least, will make me feel a little better.)

  3. Probably. But not now. I won't be shooting for 31 days of December posts. Just not feelin' it right now. Not to mention, well, it's December. Things tend to get pretty busy around here.

  4. Absolutely not.

There are prizes doled out to those bloggers who successfully complete the November NaBlo challenge, and while free stuff is always good, I've never been that concerned with the idea of prizes. This was, as I mentioned already, a personal challenge meant to show me that I could do it. Prize enough.

It feels annoying and a little icky to have missed the mark because of personal stupidity. And whatever. I'll get over it. Won't be the last time I make a stupid mistake. Here's to finishing off the month with The Right Number of blog posts, at least.

What about you? Are you a participant in NaBloPoMo? Are you still going strong? Participants and non-participants, what about you? Have you ever set a similar goal and failed to complete the challenge because of a silly accident? Did that change your approach to the rest of the month? I'm curious because we all know this is more about the overarching questions than about daily blogging. It's about goal-setting and accountability and resilience and a feeling of personal accomplishment. And it's about learning from our mistakes. And all that matters, whether I blog every day this month or not!