In praise of the printed word; Matador's new print mag

Photo: Deception Pass Bridge, Washington, USA

When Matador Network announced on Twitter that Matador was launching a new print magazine, I was intrigued enough to click over and take a look. Once I read David Miller's "8 Reasons" piece about why they're launching a print magazine, I was left craving the feel of it in my hands.

His quote about travel writing reads a bit like poetry:

Travel writing in its highest form is like a cairn. It’s tangible. It’s formed out of the local landscape. It registers and measures one’s relationship with place. It’s meant to remain for a long time. It can guide you at ground level. And it can guide on other levels too. This is our vision behind our new print magazine, BETA.

From the sentimental to the practical, these are 8 reasons you can get behind. And from a website as strong as MatadorNetwork, the bar has been set pretty high. I look forward to checking it out.