NaBloPoMo observations 2 1/2 weeks in

Today will be my 18th simultaneous post since I declared my participation in NaBloPoMo. The rules say we have to post something every day. The end. "I can do that!" I declared.

And I can, too.

Of course I declared all kinds of silly things back at the beginning of the month. And it may be because of that list, and my "failure" to stick with so many of those tasks that sticks in my mind tonight.

For those just checking in, I'll tell you that two of the bigger November Challenges I blogged about (in my personal blog,) evaporated a while back. 1. I signed up for NaNoWriMo, and 2. I was working on a 20 Minutes Of Aerobic Exercise 100 Days In A Row challenge. NaNo disappeared almost immediately when I realized that was basically a joke for me (a cool thing for lots of people; this isn't about NaNoWriMo, this is about making good matches in your life,) and that particular exercise streak lasted (an albeit impressive for me) 21 days. (I'll start fresh in a day or so. I'm still gonna' complete that one... sooner or later!)

But NaBloPoMo? It's still going strong. Yay. Thing is, in spite of the fact that my pride won't let bail on Three Personal Goals, I'm not sure I'm the right audience for this particular challenge, either.

Earlier on the phone with a fellow-former-NaNoWriMo-participant, my friend explained how she'd come to feel, while working toward the Write A Novel In A Month challenge. She said, "It's as if I was in 3rd grade again, and someone was standing over me demanding me to write. But my muses don't work that way!" Sometimes we have to try before we know for sure.

My friend and I have a lot in common. There is an inherent component that makes you feel that someone's making you do something. Not a big fan of that. In spite of the reality that participants signed up for it, willingly. What strikes me, though, as an even greater reaction to this challenge is the quality of my writing. Sure, I've had fun with all the posts. Choosing them, gathering links, and writing them - all. What strikes me, though, 18 days in, is that perhaps the pressure to post something today, and today, and still again today... well, it might not be my personal best arena for quality writing.

I don't know... maybe it's okay to put something on your blog that's more-or-less topically related but not your finest writing. Maybe it's okay to post something just because it interests or amuses you. Probably every single post doesn't have to be inspired and glorious. Still, I tend to think that when this month is out, the disappearance of that Overseer Who Stands Over My Shoulder Reminding Me That I Have To Post Something To This Blog Again Today... well, maybe the removal of that pressure might free me up to write better posts, less frequently.

Or maybe this is just the voice of someone who loves the typical freedom to post whenever she likes. Maybe I'm spoiled and bitching and this is just a little tantrum, justifying alternate viewpoints because I'm not a fan of this particular kind of pressure. May BE!

But I still think there's value of setting a goal (or several goals, even,) and sticking with it. And so maybe that's the only thing that matters: saying you're going to blog once a day for a month, and then blogging once a day for a month. Onward then, eh?