A little peek through my Delicious bookmarks tagged "travel"

Colorful graphic on which 'Bookmark this site' is overlaidIt's telling to look back through a list of bookmarks dated from 2005 through now, and consider my attitudes - and interests - related to travel. Tonight, a look through more than 250 such bookmarks, meant to point me to interesting travel-related reading... well it just sort of broke down and became more about introspection. It was a bit like looking through an old diary.

Let's amuse ourselves, shall we?

  • 15 October 04 - A link to US Airways Promotions. And while the link from back then is long broken, I was comforted to see that the company, nonetheless, provides a number of ways to help you get back on track. Including a phone number you can call. Good on them...

  • 15 June 05 - My bookmark read: "Accidental Hedonist (Food, Travel, and other irreverent irreverence)" Maybe more about food than travel. Though with a recent post about cheese grits, you won't hear me complaining.

  • 25 July 05 seems to have found me dreaming large. If I understand those (many, many) bookmarks accurately, I was looking at villas in Tuscany, Marche, Rue des Ecoles, the Pyrenees...

  • Later that summer I bookmarked the Toronto International Film Festival, (updated link,) which makes sense because I was going to Toronto within a few months. No films - festival or otherwise - during that trip.

  • But on the same day, I bookmarked this lovely piece: Why We Travel by Joseph Dispenza. Which I plan to revisit tonight.

  • That was followed by a long stretch during which I was very enamored with all things Vancouver.

  • 2006 didn't seem to be about travel for me, although that Spring I did spend a couple of weeks in Seattle. Without research, apparently...

  • And 2007 wasn't all that much busier. Although in May I looked a bit into luggage.

  • In '08 I bookmarked some travel-related Photoshop brushes. Which were almost certainly needed for a website design project.

  • The end of that year, and also 2009 shows quite a bit of interest in Scotland, including some bits about the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, which my friend Sara said we should go see. We didn't. Yet.

  • As well as a whole world's worth of information on house-sitting. The latter makes sense, since I do rather a lot of house-sitting and it intermittently occurs to me that I might want to branch out and try some of this a bit further from home.

  • And then? Well, then it was on. It was during 2009 and 2010 that I really, truly discovered this whole world of nomadery and location independence and people with no fixed address. It was during the past two years that the voice inside my head started to wake up and ask me "Where do you really want to be?" and "Is a week at the beach or mountains every year for the rest of your life really enough?" and "Travel is a part of many people's daily rhythms... and that's not just the wealthy and retired."

Looks like I've found the range of URLs I need to be revisiting as I look for inspiring stories from like-minded vagabonds.

What about you? Any interesting patterns - or lack thereof - in your own bookmarks?