A wee journey to the discovery of Wayfaring Women Tours. Serendipity? MayBE...

The Internet makes this world very, very small. Today brought me a fresh reminder. Today, just about 6 weeks after launching this website, because of the tiny little commonality of (mostly) one word, I discovered René Ostberg and her Wayfaring Women Tours. You can stop there, if you want, and just go read up about Wayfaring Women Tours. But if you also get a kick out of back stories and the idea of serendipity, entertain yourself with me, and read the meandering path to my discovery of this other wayfarer...

Chapter One:

Months ago, I stumble across the forgotten idea that I could plan travel and even adventure trips for groups of people and significantly cut down on my own travel fees. I'd heard of this idea more than once, but travel wasn't on my radar back then. It was popping back up on my radar again, though, so I decided to pay attention this time. Brilliant! Only... I've done so little travel of my own, I lack credibility in that arena. Minor hurdle, but hurdles are meant to be jumped. I'm still young, right? So fine. I'll work on that. Decide to dust off my suitcase and start having some little personal adventures. Table the idea of planning trips that include others, see if it wants to be a goal later... Check.

Chapter Two:

Leave NC and head to Atlanta for a couple of weeks at a friend's home. Then to Greenville, SC for a few more with my parents. Then to south Alabama to visit my fabulous 91 year old Granddaddy, he who gave me these wandering genes in the first place. Then? How about 6 weeks on the west coast with a gaggle of friends? The less-close members of my tribe? That ought to shake things up, right? Check.

Chapter Three:

Realize that this is nearly all I want to blog about. And that the people who read my original blog at Melody Watson dot com may or may not be that interested in following along on this specific journey of mine. Decide to start a new blog. Also consider that other people out there might be experiencing similar wanderlust with questions about how to get started shaking up their non-traveling lives. Start designing a website banner in my friends' guest bedroom in Seattle. Check.

Chapter Four:

It's a foregone conclusion that I will host this site on Squarespace**. When the banner and general idea for the simple design is ready, set up that new account and design the site. It's a breeze and a pleasure, as all my Squarespace-related experiences are. (More on that over here.) Then I start writing my booty off in the (included) blogging area of the site. Check.

Chapter Five:

Back home, moving through the rhythms of life, reigniting my hibernating work schedule, paying bills, reconnecting with friends, writing, writing, writing, designing, writing. Can't stop thinking about travel. About how travel has got to be a bigger part of my life. About how I want to go further next time. South America? Europe? Yes! And Yes! But first things first. Just pay attention to interest and signs. Make some money and pay some bills and enjoy this place. Check.

Chapter Six:

Enjoying this new blog so much I decide to sign up for a month-long blogging challenge through NaBloPoMo. One post a day. Dude... What was I thinking? Well, I was thinking it would be good discipline, and also that it's a new blog that needs some content. And it's kinda' cool too. Check.

Chapter Seven:

Because Squarespace makes it so easy to get your websites found by search engines and directories, start noticing the Google Luv. Interesting searches are bringing visitors to my site. A little here, a little there. Gradual progress is good in this arena. Check.

Chapter Eight:

Keep thinking about Ireland. Wonder if I might not want to go there for my next trip. Get a little overwhelmed with all that would entail. Decide to take the no-pressure approach. Just start paying attention to stuff. Read some blogs. Watch some videos on Ireland. Research travel times and prices. But keep doing my life the way I was already. Write a blog post about it. Check.

Chapter Nine:

Peeking at my Squarespace traffic stats, see that someone has Googled the term "wayfarin women" and found my site. A) Thank you Google (and Squarespace)! (For the currently number one result!) B) Why would somebody type that term? Maybe it's a typo? Is there a group or idea I'm unaware of? I must know! So I go off and peek around the net, looking for the answer. Which comes almost immediately! If you add the "g" back on the end of the first word, and look for Wayfaring Women, you'll find an altogether different website. Wayfaring Women Tours. Ta Da! Mystery solved! Decide to write this blog post in case anybody who finds my site is ever looking for women-only travel tours. I don't offer those at this time. But I know who does! Check!


Guess where Wayfaring Women Tours is going next year? No really, guess...

**I use affiliate links to Squarespace. So if you join their service and become a paying customer because of my link, I will make a little money to help with my hosting fees. Thank you.