Oh yea... The Library! Some Ireland-related DVDs and beyond...

Yesterday while I was taking a lunch break, I started tooling around the internet, looking up some things related to what might be involved in taking a trip to Ireland. To Ireland and perhaps some other parts of Europe, too. Maybe in the summer. Who knows, really? "When" isn't particularly important to this stage of exploration. While Ireland has always held a strong appeal for me, lately I keep "bumping into it" more and more. Maybe I'll hear a song by a favorite Irish band. Or I'll have a conversation with a person who mentions that someone they know is going to Ireland. Innocent enough; it just keeps popping up on my radar. It's a good idea - important, even - to pay attention to "random" things that pop up on our radar screens.

If you've ever planned a trip - if you've ever planned anything, really - you'll know that The Master Plan begins with a spark. That's all it takes. First the spark of an idea. Then you peek around at your options. Read a blog or 47, pick up a book or two if you're so inclined, examine your options - prices included - in about 77 different ways. Oh the internet and all its fabulocity! You'll talk to people who have been to the place where you want to go... Then you ask yourself a million questions related to whether the timing is right and what it would take to make it happen, and you mull it over. A lot. Lots and lots of mulling.

Since coming home a month ago, I've been doing this kind of intermittent mulling with lots of different places in mind. Peru is one of them. Peru is way different from Ireland. I want to see them both. One day. But most recently, I think about Ireland more than I think about Peru. Those are the kinds of details you'll also want to pay attention to when sparks of new ideas appear.

Today, I've come to the library to meet a client. Until the last time we met here, a couple of weeks ago, the library was fairly well off my radar. Why on earth is that? I love books. Love them! And I love the other freedoms - gifts, really - afforded to us by libraries. Free Wi-Fi with no expectation of the purchase of coffee or pastry. Quiet spaces in which to just be. Still, I shamefully admit it's true. I've rarely even remembered to think about the library in years, much less visit one. And now I've come twice.

There's always time to redeem ourselves, right?

As I set up my laptop on an empty table, I looked over at the expanse of DVDs stretched out beside me. Shelves and shelves of them, just waiting to be picked. Not a dime required, unlike the reasonable-but-nonethtless-finance-based Netflix. I stood up and walked over. Just to take a peek. And what do you think might have been the first thing my eye fell upon? The Very First Thing... not second or third. Very certainly a DVD... about Ireland.

I love it when a seed plants itself in my brain. It doesn't matter that it will take months and months to see what that seed grows into. It doesn't matter that other seeds might root this one out. Still, that initial set of impulses and observations. They make me really happy. Just sayin...