Maybe wouldn't want to live there, but farm scenes make me happy

When my friend asked if I'd like to spend an afternoon driving around with her, shooting photos of the gorgeous leaves, what was I to say? It's the kind of activity I've committed to working into my schedule now that I'm home for a while. Even while not traveling, "they say" we should become tourists in our own communities. Although I sometimes balk at the idea of being a tourist, period, (more on that another time, no doubt,) I understand the point of the assertion. It's so easy to fall into ruts when we're at home, going to the same restaurants and businesses, seeing the same people, and overlooking what makes the places we choose to call home finer than we sometimes realize they even are.

Meanwhile, while I suspect that living on a farm long-term, would suit me very much, I can't help but be awed by this most simple of images - the rural farm setting. No matter where I'm traveling, as soon as I'm in a vehicle that leaves the urban landscape, my camera is always on high alert for an old barn, or cluster of barns. Add a silo to the scene, and I'm almost giddy.

This shot made me particularly happy as we made our way down the out-of-town roads.