L'il hat tip to the Redpaths of From Here to Uncertainty, my travel heroes

It occurs to me that I can't really run a blog dedicated to anything related to travel without mentioning the Redpath family. Because anybody who would find Wayfarin' Vagabond remotely interesting, will be all over From Here to Uncertainty!

Brenna and Bob Redpath and I became virtual friends during the year we worked on their website design, pre-travel, and during the year plus when they and their two glorious children, Eleanor and Owen, traveled all over the place. And by "all over the place," I mean places like Serbia and Krakow and Budapest and Scotland and Morocco and Peru. Y'know, Big Freakin' Deal Travel Destinations.

And when I say "we became friends," I mean that when they had only been back in the country for less than 3 weeks and had lived in their new home for less than one, I flew to LA and crashed on their couch for two weeks. There are few people I would have even suggested such a possibility to, but the idea just evolved organically while I was planning a trip to their "neck of the woods" (ie: somewhere NOT on the east coast,) and frankly anybody who sells their stuff, quits their jobs and drags their kids around the world is just asking for their web chick to come calling one day.

Bob and Brenna and Ella and Owen and I called it totally right when we predicted that we'd love each other as much in person as we did via Skype. In fact, I kinda' have a sneaking suspicion that one day we'll travel together. 'Cause it was that good.

Also? The Redpaths were the first CouchSurfing members I crashed with after joining that awesome site.  Just sayin... It seemed worth mentioning.

I won't rehash the whole visit here, but some of the good stuff was posted on my personal blog. Starting with Of travel to LA... to stay with people I'd never met before, ending with The bittersweet cusp and some highlights of my time in LA... and pretty much everything you find in my blog that was posted in between.

Now. Go visit their site. 'Cause it's awesome - the writing, the photos, the videos... all of it!