Two Little Things

Two Little Things is a website I conceived of, designed, then launched the first week of January 2014. Although a personal experimental project meant to help me add more mindfulness to my daily life, I recognize the value in sharing my process with others. If others find some value in trying such a practice for themselves, and even choose to share it, even better.

And so for a month or two, a bit longer perhaps, I half-heartedly focused on blogging my process of finding two little things every day to accomplish. And by May, I realized it was time to let it go.

To be clear: I'm not giving up on accomplishing multiple things every day... even achieving things that have long eluded me. But maintaining a whole site around it? Blogging about it? No. that didn't work.

Why Didn't It Work?

There are lots of reasons I decided to let this project go. I'll elaborate a bit:

  • I wasn't committed enough. That's the most succinct truth I can offer. With other obligations and responsibilities, what was perhaps meant to take the place of New Years' Resolutions in the end went exactly where those ill-fated items go - to the bottom of the priority list, and ultimately into the ether.
  • It wasn't quite as short-and-sweet as that, of course. There were some other realities that made this harder for me to maintain than I'd expected. Such as the fact that it's tricky to choose two little things to post about every single day when you work for yourself and are expected to complete many, many things - little AND large - before the end of each day. How to choose what makes the cut???
  • Sometimes I resented it. It had seemed like such a good idea, but having so many good ideas I was already committed to made it hard to even care about this Seemingly Good Idea from the start of the year.
  • My overachiever tendencies sometimes jumped in the way. Initially I'd thought I could focus on two truly small things to achieve great overall things in my year. But sometimes I would find myself working toward something for this list that might require an hour or even more to complete. It got in the way of my required stuff. Not good when you work for yourself.

I could go on, but by now - May 4 - I'm just tired of the idea. I don't know if I'll bring it back, here on this site, or not. One day I like to think I might. It's hard to say. For now, I have many more than two little things to accomplish today. Best get working on those again.

Here's to your success... with whatever format you choose to approach it. It's important that we test our ideas. See if they work! Sometimes they will and at other times we'll realize they weren't meant to be, after all. Best to at least try anyway, no?