This enthralling project we named "The Collabative" is something my friend Kris Ferris and I started. It's really hard to describe and it's not a typo and we hope you got a chance to come out and play with us sometime. We used to produce events in a variety of interesting places, that so far always have live music, but the talent doesn't stop there. We aren't planning to produce any more events but you never can tell!

Still, we didn't just do events...

Sometimes we help other people tell their creative stories with videos we're learning how to put together. And we encourage and facilitate as many creative collaborations between others as we can possibly manage. If you're a music lover and also like a good laugh every now and then, check out Talk of Teronus, a video series like no other.

The Collabative encompasses way more than that, but for now, just go take a look and maybe some of the stories will come through.