Squarespace for Do-It-Yourselfers

You don't necessarily need my help to build a website on Squarespace.

Some people do want help, of course. Others simply don't want to spend the time. That's fair and understandable; life gives us endless opportunities for filling our valuable days. But if you're a little bold and love trying new things, Squarespace is geared toward the do-it-yourself crowd. The training resources are remarkable, comprehensive, and getting better all the time.

Some thoughts about your options:

If you're considering a new site but haven't yet decided how much you're ready to handle on your own, you have nothing to lose. Squarespace offers a free two week trial account for anyone interested in trying one. And you don't need to provide a credit card to sign up. In fact, all you need share is your name and email address. Upon signup, you'll find a welcome video to get things started.

If you're the kind of person who would still rather see more from a distance before signing up for anything, here is a direct link to a number of guides. To zero in on just the Getting Started guide, go here.

These are comprehensive resources that provide more than enough detail to let you know if you're going to want to jump in and try it out for yourself.

If you aren't comfortable working without a safety net, know that I quite enjoy working with people who have tried this out for themselves and have gotten the process started, set up their pages and added content, but just want to have some hand-holding to take things further. Likewise there are many other Squarespace Specialists regularly taking on new clients, who would be well-qualified to assist you.

Regardless of where you fall on this spectrum, I enjoy working with people of levels of "tech comfort" when it comes to creating a new site on Squarespace. I also very much enjoy helping people simply find this tool, whether or not that leads to a collaboration between the two of us. If you do try it out, I hope you find the experience as enjoyable as I think you will.

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