Rami likes to color super heroes. And he is working out the details of his new band. I did not know until today that he wanted a band. Or in fact, that he even knew the names of any bands. It seems I have some adjusting to do. 

Hat Tip to A Cool Nephew

Maintaining a single current page about your favorite kid can be even harder than keeping up a blog or current portfolio. "They grow so fast" is a sentence we hear throughout our lives, only one day, we're the ones using the words. My guy turned 9 a few weeks ago (I'm writing this version on March 2, 2015) and we now have very adult conversations. It's mind-boggling. Still I realized it was time to make a few updates. He's still cool, still surprises me every time we hang out, is still highly observant and creative, and I still love him so much it takes my breath away.

Around the time of The Holiday Season that came before the latest one, I put up this page as a request from the little guy. This is what it said, then: I have the coolest nephew ever. Recently when we were hanging out, he asked me to build him a web page for his art. So of course I said yes. Right now he's into coloring super heroes.

Then, while I was shooting photos of these recent coloring pages, he told me the story about how he thinks he wants to start a band. My nephew is 7 and we used to spend several days each week together. Before he knew how to talk. So yeah. Now he's going to start a band, but he doesn't know whether or not he'll play the guitar or the drums. He wants Santa to buy these instruments for him, for Christmas and he wants lessons in both. But he won't sing. He and his friend Noel will audition singers for that. Also? My nephew knows who Queensryche is. I now have fresh things to discuss with my therapist. But not his artwork. Isn't it cool that he enjoys coloring now? Once upon a time he didn't. 

I used to periodically update a different page that featured this little guy. Back in the day before I was asked to stop calling him "Mr. Pie" that was his blog name - privacy and cuteness and all that, rolled up into one - and so you can see that over here. Just as it was left, quite some time ago.