What you're about to read isn't really true anymore. It's true as a back-story, sure... a slice of history in my winding road. But I've put down some roots in recent months and these days words like "nomad" and that name a friend once gave me: "My little wayfarin vagabond friend" feel quite long ago. And? Do you have any idea how much time it takes to keep a website this large up to date? A bit. So read on if you want that slice of life from before. And who knows? Maybe my beloved and I will will run away to Bali one day, and you can read about the reawakening of the Quasi-Nomad in couple form. For now, though, the excitement around here comes from shooting photos of the ever-changing colors and textures of the banana trees in the front yard. And letting cats in an out while I work on your website design projects!

Intermittent (though decreasing amounts of) domestic travel is balanced with a stream of house-sitting gigs in such a nearly-seamless manner that I couldn't plan these scheduled hideaways if I tried. When she first heard the synopsis, the therapist I visited for several months last year declared me to have set up my life to accommodate the wiring of my people - the A.D.H.D. Ones - better than anyone else in her 20 years of working with people experiencing life the way I do. I was pleased to hear it remarked upon in complimentary terms, rather than with confusion. Perhaps you won't be surprised to know that the latter is somewhat common.

Sometimes I suspect it's about time for me to change these rhythms. Some of my life's demands have shifted in such a way that it would probably be helpful if I did rejoin the land of Those Who Do Not Primarily Live Out Of Suitcases. (One day I'll write more about how I've started doing just that! This is not that day.) Thinking that way for too long sometimes made my stomach hurt, though not so much anymore. Still, I often still say yes when people call to see if my schedule is free during their upcoming trip. If you're new here, and curious, you can read My Dad Doesn't Know Where I Live, which probably explains this kooky, meandering lifestyle of mine as well as anything else I've attempted to articulate. I'm really overdue for an update, so we'll see if that can't make its way onto the list.

It all started with the idea that I would do lots of traveling. I'd left the stability of a regular paycheck and was realizing how strong the urge to do even less of the same thing day-in-day-out was. That's when it occurred to me that my career was portable. At the time, staring wanderlust in the face, I had more clients I hadn't met than those I had, and the idea of reducing my domestic obligations gave me a rush. I put my things into storage for way longer than I'd intended to and didn't finally start getting rid of them until the phase during which I mistakenly thought I would be marrying my honey's predecessor's predecessor and moving to another continent. While that was a lovely plan for a nice long stretch, Life had different plans for me.

It's a pity that the bulk of the time I've lived this way has been spent not traveling to the exotic places I then fantasized about. That turned out not to be the way I spent my spare time and money, after all. Still, living this way has given me untold opportunities to explore different rhythms than the ruts it's so easy to fall into. I have done an enormous amount of writing in other people's homes and in other towns' coffee shops. And you wouldn't believe how many interesting photos can be found right out there in other people's back yards. It's pleasing to me to think that living as a quasi-nomad has enriched my life in ways I've still yet to discover.

Who knows when I'll put these ways behind me and "settle down?" When I do, I know that my version of settling down will be integrated into a home life that maintains much room for freedom, flexibility, and the ability to try new things on any given afternoon... just because. Because as one person pointed out, this lifestyle may have been the most creative thing I've ever done in my life. And I'd hate to give up on my masterpiece!