Printed Muserie brings you unique,colorful, artsy, abstract designs on leggings, kimono wraps, silk scarves, mugs, phone cases, notebook, zipper pouches, tote, bags, capris, and more. Be Your Own Muse.

Printed Muserie: Inspiring Items to Enhance Your Creative Life

NOTE: New Website Coming Soon

This page has way too many words on it. Read them or bookmark it or scroll down to peek at a few of the photo links of what began as an interesting creative experiment and has, quietly, behind-the-scenes, turned into a significant focus of my life. I can't wait to show you soon.

Temporary Update, April 2017 - This page will be pretty again, soon. But a note for now:

All - or certainly most - of what I wrote on this page in December is still true. It was published in December and I pushed out this announcement quickly in time for a few people to get some shopping done. Then I kept going. Designing, testing options, falling more deeply down the print-on-demand-rabbit-hole. It's become such a big part of my schedule that I'm working on a dedicated website so I can start promoting the merchandise right. But if you'd like to see the new designs that have been put online this year, visit my Zazzle store. (We'll call this a wee soft launch. But it'll be fun to see if anyone finds this link just because of my having tucked it away over here.) Enjoy! And read on for more of the back story.

Quick Notice About This Page, December 2016

Short-and-sweet: I now design leggings. You can read about them here. OR you can just go shopping. Of course there's much more. I'm just so stinkin in love with these leggings I had to tell you about them first. Read on for more.

So What's This Printed Muserie Business?

Printed Muserie is the "Print on Demand arm" of a concept that fascinates me: Muserie. It's about making choices that inspire us every day, right down to what we wear and drink from. Creative people know how to seek out inspiration on ordinary days. My new offerings are here to help you with some of that. It works like this: I create digital art designs and upload my artwork to online templates offered to artists. Print on Demand companies do the rest: host my shop, show you what merchandise looks like when printed, process your order, create the items, print them, ship the art, pay me a percentage, rinse, repeat.

Who Makes All The Stuff I Design

Several companies, actually. But I'm going to tell you about two for now. First, the leggings, kimono wraps, silk scarves are printed and sewn by Art of Where, a manufacturer who creates sweatshop-free garments designed by artisans of all kinds, in their own Montreal-based facility. There is no outsourcing so they are able to keep an eye on quality. I've bought several of their items and am thrilled with the merchandise AND the service.

For "all the other stuff" one of my favorite print on demand sites is Society6. Their items are all made in the US and their shipping times are super-fast and so far I've been happy with every one of my purchases. I've uploaded a handful of designs there so you can buy ceramic and travel mugs, phone cases, notebooks and stationery cards, zipper pouches, tote bags, throw pillows, beach towels, comforters and duvet covers, and so much more.

Related Pages You Might Check Out

Some of what I've written makes it sound a bit more complicated than that. Is it?

Yes and no. If you just want to shop, click here and shop from Art of Where. Or click here for Society6 merchandise. Boom. Done. No need to read anything else about my process or the fun I had when designing this or that piece of art. But here's the thing: the Internet is much bigger than it was when the concept of "build it and they will come" may have been a more suitable declaration. Much. Among the many, many steps a website owner has to take is to create content to promote what-needs-promoting. I can't really even fathom the quantity of designer leggings available to us today. Impossible, really. And I am competing with every other designer who's doing what I've started doing. So among my promotional efforts is the good old back story. :)

Back Stories for Much of My Digital Artwork

This is how that works. I've created pages, in blog-form, with back stories about many of my designs. If you were feeling quite brave, and having read my caveat that there's no order, nor rhyme nor reason to the presentation of these design posts, you might go here and take a look now. On those pages, you'll see the original artwork and photos of - at very least - the 3 styles of leggings I'm offering, when printed with my designs. On some pages you'll see photos of additional clothing you might buy with that design, and on a very few others so far, you'll see photos, even, of printed coffee mugs and phone cases and shower curtains and zipper pouches and greeting cards that are also available with my artwork. Most of the links you find in the bottom part of the "Leggings I Designed" page point to those blog posts. Some just go to the shop where you can buy the pieces.

"What's That?" you say! Yes. For me, this whole print-on-demand-endeavor began because I very simply wanted to design my own greeting cards. That was a couple of years ago and by the time I had my cards printed and ordered, I had this mind-bogglingly-thrilling knowledge that there was a whole merchandising world that had opened up for artists to print their work, not only meant for hanging on walls, but for far more than that. Fast forward to this summer

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