Printed Muserie FAQ

Before you get started, I have brand new news. Printed Muserie now has its own website. Things changed a lot, behind the scenes, after I wrote the information below. Though it's all still true, I added Zazzle to my list of Print on Demand companies and that changed nearly everything. And expanded the possibilities exponentially. Now I'm ready to market the whole endeavor in a new and better way.

So. Go visit now, if you like!

Here are the nitty-gritty details about merchandise printed on demand from my digital artwork. Read about this line of designs "Printed Muserie". I now work with several "Print on Demand" manufacturers, but the bulk of my items right now are produced by either Art of Where or Society6. This page answers the primary questions I get, and you'll also find direct links to specific areas of their sites where you can read even more.

Art of Where-Related Questions and Answers

What Do I Especially Need to Know About the Leggings?

My design attention has primarily gone toward designing leggings in 3 styles (standard, Capris and yoga leggings.) Art of Where offers these in 5 sizes (US women's sizes XS - 0-2 through XL - 16). The price for all of the leggings is $55, US, each pair. The shipping fee for US orders is $5.50.

What About the fabric? Can I comfortably work out in these?

The fabric for these items is an incredibly sturdy, colorfast, 88% polyester, 12% spandex performance wear "EcoPoly" fiber that is ideal for yoga, dance, running, and all manner of activities we participate in every day. The seams of all leggings are made using a 4-thread overlock which incorporates a safety stitch along the seam for durability and stretch. Read more here.

The same fabric and size chart is used for their skirts, dresses and workout shorts. Shop All Here.

And the Kimonos?

There are two styles: a kimono wrap and a kimono robe. I own three of these kimono wraps so far and have never yet worn either of them without getting several compliments. These are available with added fringe if you like. Two of mine are made of polyester chiffon and the other is a silky knit fabric like what is used for the leggings. For the kimono wraps, I personally prefer dark prints on the chiffon fabric. I say this because in order to have a fabric that accepts such vivid colors, these designs are printed on white fabric. The way the kimono wraps hang, the one I have printed on the silky knit is thick enough that when it hangs open, the white offers too much of a stark contrast to the darker artwork for my taste. That hasn't kept me from getting compliments on this one, but I admit I wear the other two more often, and plan to buy even more in chiffon. You can read more about the Kimonos here and shop my kimono designs here.

What About Other Art of Where Items?

There are other options featuring my artwork on Art of Where merchandise, too. Learn more by following specific links to these items: about skirts, dresses, shorts, silk scarves, device cases, and pencil cases.

Where Do These Items Come From?

The Art of Where merchandise promoted here on my site is designed by me in North Carolina, USA. It is then manufactured in Montreal, Canada. They are then shipped to US and international locations from an upstate New York post office. I've elaborated on this facet in the next answer, below.

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

Be very clear: your order is not being shipped from a gargantuan warehouse where mountains of boxes await our orders. Each piece is created one-at-a-time just for you and me, starting when the order is placed. That personal touch affects turnaround time.

Between creation and shipping times, it will generally take from between 7 and 16 days for your Art of Where order to arrive. ***Here is my personal experience so far: I've placed 3 separate orders of my own. The longest turnaround time was 16 days. I had another order take 11 days. And still another took 9 days from order to arrival. So far, each of the orders have fallen between the range of times we are asked to expect.

Why does it take a week or more before our leggings are ready to ship?

Your leggings are printed and hand sewn to order, in Montreal, Canada. To streamline the shipping process and avoid customs costs, each pair is shipped to US customers and internationally from a USA postal location on Tuesdays and Fridays of each week. Turnaround times for creating your items and preparing them to ship is between 5 and 10 days. Once completed, orders to US customers generally take 2-6 business days to reach their destination, once shipped within the USA.

All orders shipped domestically within the US have a tracking number that can be tracked with USPS.

What if I need something extra fast?

The Art of Where team is very accommodating to special requests. I personally wanted a kimono wrap which I hoped to wear to an event. I had planned well in advance, but my muse didn't cooperate and all the designs I came up with just didn't work for me. By the time the design I wanted really worked, I was well past the date of standard delivery. I asked if they would work with me and they did! I had the item much faster than their published turn around.



You'll see much more detail concerning my design of leggings than anything else. That's because I've spent the most time focused on these. So I've set up a whole page to guide you through your options, from links to my shop to enlargements of the artwork that's printed on the merchandise.

Direct Links to Listed Items:

What is the Art of Where Refund Policy?

Art of Where merchandise is non-refundable, because each item is made to order. If, however, there is a problem with your order, they ask that US customers please contact them within 15 days of shipping and provide a photo depicting the issue, along with your explanation of why it is unsatisfactory. They keep a strong eye on quality and do everything possible to make any issues right. Once I had a delayed delivery (still within their published range of delivery times) once and learned that it was because one of my items was remade after not passing their Quality Assurance testing. Read more about the policies concerning merchandise issues here. And please also know that I would want to know about any dissatisfaction with your merchandise and will work with AOW to satisfy you. Please use this form to contact me about your order.

I've seen several online options for custom leggings online. Why did you decide to go with Art of Where to create yours?

I researched a number of print-on-demand options before choosing them. In fact, I had designed some leggings through a couple of other companies and had them available in my new shops, when I found Art of Where. Once I discovered this option, however, I removed those other designs and decided to go only with AOW. I like that everything is handled in-house, that their staff is paid a fair wage - starting above minimum wage - and that many of their staff members even run their own online shops and therefore understand the concerns people like me have when they entrust their artwork to another for creating a spectacular product. I also loved that the size options covered a good range of women's bodies. In US women's sizes, you can order my leggings in anything from an XS which is 0-2 to XL which is 16. (Other companies I considered create XL garments that equate to a size 12. I had a problem with that.) It was important that my leggings be accessible to as broad a selection of bodies as possible and now I'm able to make that happen.

Service and accessibility mattered, too, when dealing with something as personal as clothing. If you know me personally you're aware that I can get very caught up in nit-picky details when I'm trying to achieve a precise goal. While working to understand every angle of this process, I admit that I have been in touch with their customer service staff on several occasions. Imagine my delight when I discovered they respond quickly, with gracious patience, with concise details, are agreeable and willing to help more if I need to explore a question further, and in general, that their customer service is the kind of customer service I like to provide to others. This personal touch has further solidified my confidence that I've chosen the right company.

Society6-Related Questions and Answers

My experience with Society6 has been a bit different from AOW. I've had far fewer reasons to reach out to customer service but I've loved that their turnaround times are spectacular. I've received my orders within a week so far, each time I've shopped with them. During the time since setting up an account with them, they have already upgraded the method in which artists can put their artwork on the merchandise templates and I was impressed by the responsiveness to artists as they worked out the expected kinks. Also? The mug I drink from almost every morning came from Society6. For what it's worth!

Where can I learn about Society6 if I just want a general overview?

Here you are! This link goes to their About page. With regard to quality, while I've only ordered a few items from them (all of which I won't list here yet because some of them are Christmas presents,) I've loved everything I've gotten from them so far. Over time I'll share more.

What do I need to know about the merchandise printed and manufactured by Society6?

My designs are available on more than 20 items offered by Society6. They do a good job of describing their items on this page.

That list mentions t-shirts and leggings and some other things I don't see in your shop. Why?

It's true that Society6 does offer leggings but there are so many aspects of working with Art of Where for these designs that I elected not to offer "competing" products. (There ARE products I'm comfortable offering through multiple providers. A great example is phone cases. It hurts nobody for me to offer them from a variety of places and it's much easier to design them than to try and design a similar type of leggings through different template settings.) With regard to t-shirts, most of my designs just don't look good on T's so I opted not to make them available as such. There is one style of all-over-print shirt that's t-like, but not exactly. However I've just learned that because of the nature of printing in that manner sometimes the area under the arms is not covered with the print so I may even take those down at some point.

Where is Society6 merchandise manufactured?

Society6 is a U.S. based company. Their range of offerings are much more diverse than AOW and so are not manufactured in house. All of their products are produced and shipped from various production centers around the U.S. While they do not manage these centers themselves, and contractual agreements don't permit them to share specifics on those locations, they did confirm for me that they follow all legal and ethical guidelines regarding employment and production.

General Questions and Answers

How Does Print on Demand Work?

A wide variety of companies now offer services to "everyday people", without the necessity of mass production or complicated licensing agreements, making it possible to have our designs printed on merchandise. These items are nearly as numerous as you can imagine.

First I create a piece of digital artwork. I do this on my laptop using Photoshop, sometimes working with scanned paintings and sometimes I work in a photograph or two. Combining a wide range of tricks and techniques, I add texture and color and contrast and eventually... I'm happy with the finished piece. Sometimes the results are very busy and bold and complex. Sometimes I like a very small color palette with clean, simple lines. My muse dances to all manner of music.

Once I'm happy with the finished design, I upload the file to an online template that reflects the lines of the legging design. I carefully position the artwork so that the elements I want placed specifically will appear exactly where I want to see it on our bodies. Sometimes I scrap the whole thing and start again. Sometimes I decide that a design is just "too much" and I add a solid color that fades away to reveal the vivid design on the lower part of the leggings. So much goes into this and I find all the steps thrilling.

After my artwork is positioned exactly the way I want, I save the design, giving it the title I've given the corresponding artwork. My manufacturer has a setup that's so efficient and thorough that I can, at any time, place an order with them that will let them know the size, style and artwork I want them to create. And they begin...

What that looks like is this: when I decide I want a new pair or you place an order through my website, I let the manufacturer know precisely what you want. When they're ready to create your leggings, first they print the fabric with my artwork. Then they sew your garment by hand in their own facility. Each finished piece has to pass through an internal quality assurance inspection and only then is it ready to package for shipping.

What Items are Available?

I've located sources that could print my artwork on nearly everything I've searched for so far. I have a lot to learn, however I'll share some with you, here. My early-stage experience thus far has focused on making my designs available for printing on these items: Leggings, kimono wraps, scarves, skirts, bodycon and short flare dresses, phone cases, mugs, different styles of travel mugs, laptop sleeves, throw pillows in different shapes, beach towels, wall clocks, stationery cards, shirts, lined and unlined notebooks, wall tapestries, throw blankets, duvet covers and comforters, rugs, beach towels as well as hand towels. As you see, we really do have quite a lot of options available!

Are custom options available?

They are! I can't promise I'll be able to satisfy every request, but there are several ways I'm willing to work with customers to provide shopping options I haven't yet set up. Here's what I'm thinking right now:

  1. If you see artwork I've designed and your searching through the shops shows you only a few options and you would like an item offered through Art of Where and also through Society6 with that specific design, just let me know and I'll design something for you!
  2. If you know, through a friend or your own online research, that Print on Demand items I haven't promoted here are available from other companies and you're interested in having my artwork on one of those items (picture round beach towels or battery chargers for your electronic devices, or the like!) please let me know and I'll discuss the possibilities with you!
  3. This next one could be trickier but it's not out of the question that we could make something work. If you fall in love with one of my designs but really want to see it in a different color scheme, it's possible that I could make that work for you. It's always worth asking!