Photography permeates my life. Still, this is a hobby rather than a profession. Fortunately, my work is enhanced by my photos and I'm often able to use my own shots in a collaborative website project.

It's hard to pinpoint what excites me about a single image. Like many, I love "a pretty picture" but those aren't the ones that excite me most. I want, instead, to elicit a reaction or sense of surprise - however mild - with the shots I most love. We're all telling stories, after all. Regardless of the medium, every day, the stories move back and forth between us. It's fun to look through a collection and consider the stories being told with the shots I decide to keep.

Convention and best practice say that if I were a professional photographer showcasing the type of work I might do for you, I would keep the examples to a minimum. I'm not and I don't. And so the images here should be seen as wee stories of observations and interesting happenings from my wanderings. Not thematic, I've nonetheless noticed that when I add to this collection, I'm sometimes perplexed by my decision to have included this or that photo. Alternately, when you see I've included something technically inferior, just know that the memory surrounding it leaves me so continually pleased that the substandard images are permitted to remain.Thanks for humoring me!

Instagram finally made it onto my radar while I was redesigning this site. Instagram can change so much for an A.D.H.D., tech-savvy, hobby photographer. Sometimes I forget all about it, but what fun when it is on my radar. Here are some snippets from the early days when I was having no end of fun with filters:

There was a time when I strongly considered studying to become a professional photographer. I longer entertain such thoughts, however the skills I developed while studying the basics in college with "Susie" Mullally gave me more than mere credits toward that degree and some good memories in the darkroom. Now that digital photography is so commonplace, I no longer fear the loss of authenticity I achieved with film. I've recently begun revisiting some of the lessons learned in those classes and am thrilled to find that some of that buried knowledge remains.

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