On the Horizon

There is always an ebb-and-flow-laden list of things I simply must make happen at my very earliest convenience. Have you ever met it? This convenient time? I'm not sure I have. However I find that lists do help and keeping my goals and dreams and wouldn't this be interesting ideas somewhere conveniently nearby so I can routinely check in with them. To that end, here is a list of things new pages and sections you may just find here one day. Some are even in the works, though perhaps you, too, are familiar with the idea that a drawing board doesn't really have a deadline or an expiration date.

A List of Possibilities:

  • A newsletter and better blog subscription option.
  • A shop and freebie resource of digital downloads for designers and digital scrapbookers. (And anyone else who may ever find themselves in need of new Photoshop brushes, social media icon packs, textured images and other blurred or otherwise suitable-for-backgrounds photos to help with their designs.)
  • A page that highlights some of the better/more fun/popular/otherwise enjoyed-by-me blog posts that have been buried over time.
  • A podcast or audio interview series featuring other ADHD artists and professionals who have found interesting ways to harness the up-sides to life with this particular diagnosis.

If you're interested in being notified if/when any of these features are added, please drop me a note.