"Why Not Trick or Treat" - A Design for Halloween Lovers

Hey Halloween! Are you one of the people who can pull these off? Alas, I suspect I am not. But I cannot wait to see these leggings on one of my friends. Or if you're not my friend yet but you buy them, I'd love to see your photos! These make me laugh with happiness. Because how can you not love biggole orange polka dots?? When I was designing these (and actually afterward when I was designing the dresses that feature this design,) I couldn't help but think that I was designing the dresses especially for Penelope Garcia. That woman could most certainly pull off clothes with this pattern. Like a boss.

You can buy these leggings, plus dresses, skirts, beanies and more, by clicking here!

I'm pretty bummed that I didn't get this new project launched in time for Halloween 2016 because when I designed them I was certain there would be time. Still, you don't just have to wear them during the holiday season. Whatever your take on the holiday, or orange polka dots in general, here's your link. Go check out your purchase options. (Hint: it's way more than just leggings!)

If you're a fan of the ghouly holiday but can't see yourself in these, I have a couple of other pairs and some more ideas running through my head. Try this link and see.