"What They Came For" Bold Abstract

Black, blue, red, green, turquoise, yellow, red, orange... all these bold colors combined in splashes and drips, strokes and squiggles, dots and smudges. I created the design with no plan, allowing the textures and colors emerge organically. Sheer fun.

The process was different from any before it. Because... recently I received the coolest gift. My honey bought me a digital tablet that enables me to use a stylus while working in Photoshop, and draw images that are immediately visible in a digital space. What a difference between drawing with pen on paper, then having to transfer those images to a digital format.

So for people who enjoy bold, vivid colors combined in unpredictable ways, these might be the leggings (and kimono wraps, skirts and t-shirts) for you! Here's one set of options. I've also started uploading this design to products offered by other companies...

Leggings Aren't The Only Products Sporting This Design; if you're looking for a fun, funky gift, check out these items:

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