"Vibrancy" is Viridian Green, Royal Blue, Golden Kiwi Yellow, and Basic Black. Yay!

This is one of my designs that started with the color palette first, and then emerged when I decided to use nothing but pairs of circles. Golden Kiwi is what the Pantone Color Institute calls this shade of yellow. (Can you imagine a job that lets you name colors? Pantone has so many you'd never run out of needs for names. It's way more than the big Crayola box!) Then there's Viridian Green (which, I've learned is a pigment that consists of hydrated chromium hydroxide!) Add that your basic Royal Blue, which is perhaps referred to as royal because it bumps way up against purple, plus the blackest of blacks and voila... you have the colors for a bold, vibrant design that, like other leggings I've created, only some women would even try to pull off.

As I've mentioned elsewhere in this growing collection of digital-inspired-tales, designing leggings with circles is tricky, tricky business. And the more I do it, the more I say I won't do it again. Lies. If I say I won't, I'm just lying. I love circles, and even if it's hard and best to be handled carefully, where's the harm in trying? Because when it works, I'm always glad I did.

Enjoy the colorful circles of "Vibrancy" with these leggings, here!

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Here is the design that is printed on this set of leggings. Click the image to enlarge and see the full surface. Click to shop, here!