"Tropical Implications" Leggings with Organic Leaf Design

Have I ever mentioned that there is a wee "grove" of banana trees growing in my front yard? I do not live anywhere remotely tropical and yet I get this delicious gift every day. Yesterday morning I felt a hint of It's Not Going To Be Sweltering Forever as a tenacious whisper of Fall Air tried to sneak its way into the window I opened in celebration of low humidity (I'm writing this now on the last day of August, 2016. Sad, but true. I'm finally launching in November. Sad but true. Also. Yay. Launching!) and I got to listen to those honkin leaves rustle in the breeze. Literally. Shop here.

These leggings have nothing to do with yesterday, but the green lines WERE achieved through the use of a combination of photos, one of which was a green banana leaf. So if you're into prints that remind you of nature, or leaves specifically, or if you just like funky green designer leggings, these might be the ones for you!

Not completely unlike the experimenting I did in the design that became "Canna Reflections" (though it featured a Canna leaf, not a Banana one,) I enjoyed doing a bit of mirror-image tricking with Photoshop to create a tiling pattern. Once again combined with a couple of other subtle texture and light photos I shoot for just this kind of artistic experimenting, the end result made me happy enough I had to see it on leggings. And once I saw the way this design would look on leggings, I knew I had to save them and put them in my shop. Visit my shop here!