"Sticks & Stones" is a Black and White Pattern Just for Leggings

Some of the coolest, most fun artwork I've ever done is Zentangle. Which uses black lines on a white background (or the reverse, in some instances,) and an almost endless range of patterns that often repeat throughout. This is most definitely not Zentangle. I made up this pattern on the computer, in fact. Both my boyfriend and one of my women friends immediately thought of dominoes when they saw them. Buy these leggings here.

This shows a close-up of how the white-on-black pattern was made.

I absolutely do hope to create some Zentangle-inspired-art ("ZIA") on leggings one day. But most of my Zentangle and ZIA is far too small to use in images as large as those have to be, to get a crisp image on a pair of pants. You see my dilemma. But one day... One day when this shop is totally up and functional and running smoothly, I imagine a time when I can sit down and get out my Micron pens and get going on a magical design worthy of your legs. Sadly, this is just not that day.

Until then, if you are looking for black and white leggings, you might consider these. I am confident I'll also have other digital art-based black-and-white designs for you to consider, too. But today, these are the ones that are making me happy! It will be fun to learn if anyone else thinks these look a little old fashioned like they do to me. I have no idea why I say this, but I can see Samantha from Bewitched wearing these. You?