"Sparkle Plus" Purple & Turquoise Ombre with Stars

A whimsical hint to a starry night sky, the "Sparkle Plus" design presents an angular purple, blue and turquoise ombre, gradient pattern as the background. Then, sprinkled liberally around the bottom of the graphic, yellow-shadowed stars seem to twinkle and dance. 

I designed this simple piece specifically for leggings but I suspect I'll one day make the time to upload it for printing on other items, too.

It should be mentioned that I actually created two similar-but-different designs around which leggings have been designed. It's not out of the question that one day one will take over and the other will go. It's equally possible that I'll keep them all. Because why not? The other is called Sparkle & Shine and in it, the stars are a bit larger and more pronounced, they have no yellow halo, and the gradient of color is more of a half-circle, rather than in this slightly-more-angular layout. So yeah. They're similar but different too! Take a look at the others, over here.