"Somebody Play Me Another" is a Circles-Based Design

When I was a kid, my mom would sometimes get out a piece of poster board and a lot of random stuff from around the house - especially the kitchen - like spatulas and potato mashers and plastic bowls. "Today," she'd declare, "we are making pop art." And so we'd trace and overlay and color and otherwise cover that poster board with the outlines of everyday accoutrements from life. Our "pop art" never reached masterpiece status nor ended up in prominent positions on the wall with mats and frames. But I definitely remember that we were finally quiet and not bickering for the time it took to fill every millimeter of those big white pieces of poster board.

You go, Mom. Seriously. It's this woman who taught us that we can do anything we want, when it comes to creativity. She's never afraid to try something, never mind if she hasn't done it before.

These leggings are not about my mom, as it turns out. (Though she has joined a gym and started buying herself these cute pink workout clothes. Hmmm. Gift ideas swirling in my head!) In fact, I don't recall explicitly thinking about my mother at all, as I designed these. But aren't we always thinking about the woman who birthed us, in one way or another? I know my creativity is infused with her presence. And I still enjoy tracing things and coloring them. With actual crayons and colored pencils.

These were not created by tracing anything and no crayons or colored pencils were touched in the creation of this piece. I was, instead, listening to music with the also-creative man in my life, and it was time to change tunes. (Sometimes he buys vinyl. It's not as easy as clicking a button to advance, but there's something very satisfying about putting on a record.)

Enjoy the circles, enjoy the lines, enjoy the colors, and wear these leggings when you dance with your man. To vinyl or otherwise. Or with your mom. Or by yourself. We must always dance by ourselves, at least some of the time. As wildly and as freely and as imperfectly as we dare. Seriously. I believe that stuff. Don't you?