"Somebody Means Business"

The only plan when I designed the artwork for these leggings was to use warm colors in the neighborhood of orange... and for the graphic to be grungy. Simple, basic and messy. There's an interesting thing that happens when you mirror a messy, rough, grungy pattern. The symmetry pulls order from an otherwise chaotic textured mess. Pleasing. Buy them here.

If you want to see more photos from different angles, of the leggings I designed with this design, and see your options to buy them now, click here.

In the second group of designs you'll see that (aside from the waistband on the first pair of yoga leggings,) the grunge design appears higher up on the leg. The first set more-or-less keeps it below the thigh. Each are symmetrical, each have brown, yellow and orange hues - even a hint of green in one area - overlaying our much-beloved, basic black.

These leggings are the ones you wear when you're in a determined mood and feel like kicking a little ass. Buy here.