"Serenity" Modern, Floral Graphic Inspired by Pantone Color of the Year, 2016

This set of designs are called "Serenity" which comes from the shade of light blue, one of the companions put out by Pantone in their declared 2016 Color of the Year. The pink is called Rose Quartz and the blue is simply Serenity. I wrote more about the color pairings over here where I shared the design called Our Kind of People.

I've decided that this time around, it's worth showing you the backs of these, as well. Ultimately you'll have photos of every pair in the shop, IN the shop, when those product pages are all ready to go. For most design pages (which is where you are now: this is a design page, in my own internal terminology. You're welcome,) I'm just sharing fronts. But let's take a look. And then talk a bit about the backs:

So it seems to me that some people will find the backs fun and sassy and kind of no big deal. The images show the natural ending to this sort of floral graphic I put together, laboriously, piece by piece, petal-by-petal. Well, sometimes a single petal and at other times, as it evolved, rings of petals. You get my point. At any rate, the edges fall off over onto a more solid, smooth ombre gradient that blend one of the colors into the other. And so we have those petal ripple scalloped edges. I can't design how I feel about them. And so I added the 3rd option that includes a simple pink gradient covering the butt and... well, take a look! It'll be interesting to see how these go over. I say they get to go out into the world and we'll take it from there. If I decide to go another route, I can always update this page accordingly! For now, pink and blue leggings with pretty little petal scallop thingies. With lots and lots of symmetry. Symmetry, I find, works really nicely on bodies that have two more-or-less matching sides. Cheers!