"Poet's Fancy" Modern Grungy Abstract Art

When I designed these, way early on in my Melody Does Nothing But Design Leggings From Sun Up To The Wee Hours phase, I immediately called the finished design "Poet's Fancy". The title's origin is a mystery to me. I'm a terrible poet. Still, that's the name the design said to give it and that's the name it shall have. Buy them here.

Although you'd probably guess aqua or blue, looking through the collections of leggings I'm first offering up, or black or purple, my favorite color is red. One of the reasons I haven't designed more leggings in red is that I don't think it's as popular a color with the wider population as some of the other colors I've used. But, also, red is tricky when printed. I want to go slowly with the reds and see what happens when I buy some swatches and get some pieces from my shop. In time. Colors are almost never printed precisely the way they appear on our screens, in the first place. Your computer and mine right now are very well rendering different shades of red. Look at the color on your mobile device or another computer. You may notice the colors appear different. So be clear: we're going for a general match.

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Did I mention I love this design? I love everything about it. Grunge pleases me mightily and so do the complementary colors in the piece. Even the way the patterns turned out when they were mirrored from leg to leg, but NOT mirrored (a conscious choice,) on the waistband of the yoga leggings. That thrills me, too. In fact, if I had to choose, I'd say this is my favorite design so far. Which is pretty awesome, considering I created it before I'd learned a lot about how this whole process worked. Yay Poet's Fancy!