"Our Kind of People" Rose Quartz Pink & Serenity Blue

The spark for this design came when the Pantone Color of the Year, 2016, was announced. Pink and blue. Or, because specifics matter when it comes to color declarations, especially one meant to define a whole year: Rose Quartz and Serenity. (I made a pair called "Serenity" too that features the palette. You can see those over here.)

But one of the fun things about deciding I get to design leggings if I want to, is looking for inspiration to change it up. Which is to say, to make sure I don't get into ruts. The day I heard the announcement about this color pairing and how the Color Institute had decided these were some colors to watch (along with a nice palette of companion colors I'm also letting myself have great fun "playing" with,) I had really been into colors you might think of as "beach colors." Turquoises and aquas and blues and hints of purple. I had to pull myself away from those and try something new. But the starting design I came up with was so much fun I couldn't stop at just one design (on 3 styles,) but instead kept playing. The end result was a total of 9 pairs of leggings (so far,) which I've shared above!

All of the results seen here were based around the image I called "Our Kind of People" not named for any exclusive suggestion but instead, the title came from thoughts of kindness and inclusiveness and how the people I - and my beloveds - most resonate to are often just plain laid-back, go-with-the-flow, generous, welcoming and the tiniest bit "hippy dippy" to quote said beloved. So there's that. Leggings already, then?

As with the others, once I start adding these to the products area of my site so they're actually "in the shop" that info will be added to this page and that detail will be crystal clear. Enjoy!

Rose Quartz pink and Serenity blue are the color pairs that the Pantone Color Institute chose for Color of the Year, 2016. Click the image here and you can read even more on their official website.

This is the original design around which the, "Our Kind of People" merchandise is designed.