"Light & Magic" is Another Bold Abstract Piece I Designed

Both "light" and "magic" are two words that kept coming to mind as I designed. I decided I would just combine them for a title. Among my favorite visions is a kaleidoscopic scene, reminiscent of my highschool friend's home where her architect dad collected the magic-generating devices and had them sitting all over the house. Mesmerizing, the way you never see the same sight twice. Cut to the chase and buy them here!

So "Light & Magic" is a single snippet of a kaleidoscopic vision from my mind to yours. I decided to make it available on some items in perhaps the more expected symmetrical layout, but these first leggings don't reflect the symmetry you can see in some views. I'll share that a little later on. I think I'll buy a pair of these because it's a design I see differently every time I look at it. A good sign, in my world, that I can keep enjoying it for a long time to come. I see a mug with Light & Magic on it, in my future, too.

But Not Only on Leggings & Clothing!

I'm starting to add my designs to merchandise by other companies, too. Click on the images below to view and purchases mugs, zipper pouches, stationery cards, iPad cases, round beach towels, weekender tote bags, hardcover journals and spiral notebooks featuring this design!

Click photos below to see other views and shop for the pictured leggings.