"Just One More Lap"

Here is a unique set of leggings I designed that feature a sort of a plum-meets-wine-meets-fig intense purple-maroon in a grunge design, overlaying the Pantone pink shade from the 2016 Fall palette the call Bodacious Pink. So maybe these leggings were made for a woman who sometimes feels like a girly girl but is just as often a badass tomboy. Click here to see other views and shop for a pair!

Of course when you start to think about it, that declaration I made up there about who the leggings are for... doesn't that include most of us? Show me a woman who doesn't occasionally like to dress up and be pretty, but who can hang as tough as you wanna get, any time she feels like it. That really is most of us. If not all of us. So yay. These leggings are for you! If you wear pinks and purples, and don't mind some textures that look a little like paint splatters meet drips running down a wall meets aged, cloudy, hazy textures. You get the point.

Check out all options with this pattern. Here's what the original artwork looks like, on which these designs are based: