"Ice Cream Summertime" on Black

Remember that creative project you did in school or at camp (who can remember now?) that started with a board painted black, then parallel rows of nails were hammered in and you were given different colors of yarn or string to wrap back and forth in whatever pattern you like? No? That can't have been just me. Still, if you never did it, envision it now. This is the digital equivalent of that craft experiment from back in the day.

As is often the case with digital art experiments, this didn't start out remotely similar to what showed up by the end. I started out intentionally working with a palette of yellow, taupe-ish and pinks that I would never intentionally combine. (But I love to "stretch myself" when it comes to choosing colors, and we can't always work with the same pretty pairs, can we?) The colors ended up definitely changed by the end, so there's not even a hint of the original choice remaining. The end result reminds me of complex bridges and neon lights. The "strings" in this finished piece are intentionally blurred and if you examine them very closely, you might discover that there was a bit of smudging and faint erasing done early on in the project. Which is to say all the lines do not carry the same level of thickness.

The title "Ice Cream Summertime" was what I called it when it was nothing more than a basic palette. I decided to keep the name, even after the palette was trashed. Because why not?

So for these leggings we have an abstract lattice-work cage of sorts sporting vivid pinks and yellow and white lines forming diamond shapes that zig zag back and forth across each other creating kaleidoscopic triangles over black.