"Happenstance" Was Actually a Very Intentional Piece of Art

This is what "Happenstance Experiment" looked like before I started duplicating and flipping layers that would eventually be used in my artistic leggings.

If you click the little thumbnail image to the right of this paragraph, you will see where "this" all started. It's a design I created by laying down (digitally) a lot of black circles, skewing them to alter perspective, then laying the joined outlines over a a grungy design also created from my imagination. This original mess of a design featured purple splatters and smokey mesh layers over top of a nice low-saturation aqua color. Then I did a bunch of designer-ey, techie stuff to the whole business and "messed it up real good" and created a single image from the merged layers.

THEN I really got started. From that initial "Happenstance Experiment" I was then calling it, I created lots and lots of layers and flip-flopped them back and forth so the lines would meet in points and pretty soon I had myself a grand piece of kaleidoscopic fun I just called by the shortened name, "Happenstance" because really, aren't they all experiments of a kind?

This is "Holly Does Whimsy" on which "Happenstance" was based.

This is "Holly Does Whimsy" on which "Happenstance" was based.

I've been remiss, of course. I told you about this one before I told you about the one that came before. That other one is called "Holly Does Whimsy" and I haven't even added that piece to this site yet. But when I do? When I do I'll link the name over there so you can compare the two if you like. No. I'll add a photo here and you can see it in context, and I'll add the link, too... but later! :) Basically, the blue/purple leggings over here on the left were created with artwork that was initially drawn with colored pencils. Way, way more things happened to those images, involving all kinds of time in Photoshop, and you can read about that over here. But there were some things about that pair that I wanted to experiment with and so I recreated the outlines of the circles on which the overall designs are based on, in Photoshop, to achieve the results seen in those photos above. So there are similarities AND differences in abundance here. It's fun to see them in context of each other and consider aspects I like best about each.

If you also enjoy symmetrical, kaleidoscopic designs that reach out of grungy, messy purple and aqua abstract designs and make you want to dance, these might be the leggings for you!