"Halloween Stripes" in Orange, White and Black

Who doesn't have fun with Halloween? Wait. Never mind. Rhetorical question. I understand there are those who don't. But in the Favorite Holidays category, this one has been known to garner a fan or two. And it's not just because of the zombies, either. (Dude. People really like the zombies, huh?)

Presenting one of my (more than one) Halloween designs for leggings:

There's nothing very complicated or earth-shattering about these leggings. They start with black at the top and gradually the black disappears and you have lots of fun stripes, of differing widths, boldly picking up all the way to the bottom. I changed it up so you could choose between having the stripes run in different directions. Angled in a sort of diagonal, or vertical. Orange. White. Black. Basic Halloween colors. Enjoy them if they call your name. If they don't, but you love Halloween, you might try following this link and scrolling through whatever comes up. I've created a couple other pairs and by the time it's over, I hope to have even more. You're welcome!