"Grownup Halloween Party"

The very short story behind this design is that these leggings have a black background with flares of orange "light" all over it. Cool and funky and just different enough to be unique but not so wacky to be crazy. (I have friends who wouldn't wear some of the bold, funky designs that I most prefer. Maybe these are for those guys.) In short, these Halloween-ish leggings are way more subtle than my other ones with a hat tip to Halloween.

Here is the abstract image that was used for designing these unique orange and black leggings.

The only real "back story" here is that I can tell you a bit about how I achieved the design, should you care about such things. Using Photoshop, I combined two of my original photos and changed up the color results until I had something I liked. And by photo I mean images that I'd achieved by intentionally blurring - in camera - the shot. One shot was looking through some trees on an outrageously sunny day, letting the leaves filter all that light. I took it out of focus and got that yummy bokeh result visual people sometimes enjoy. With the other, I shot a couple of glass bottles with round glass stoppers. And same thing: the shot was intentionally blurred to catch the reflections I'd engineered when the light bounced off all that shiny glass. Low light for high contrast. Voila. Blurry, light-based, subtle hints of color. Yes. This is what I do for fun. If it's your cup of tea, these are just for you. When the product listings are in place, you'll be better able to tell the differences between each set of designs. The first group is not symmetrical (I used a different pattern on each leg,) whereas designs two and three (one each of capris, standard and yoga leggings,) mirror the same image on both legs. You can click here to see every single design in every single style, along with a few other goodies.