"Delivery to Another World" is a Patterned, Grungy, Old-Fashioned, Futuristic Pattern for Fall

No matter how possible it seems to watch TV or a movie while designing something I end up actually liking, I rarely succeed. I'll ultimately have to turn off the show or put down my laptop or tablet. This time, though, it worked brilliantly! I think it's because this particular design was meant to be non-linear and maybe even had some haphazard elements. And so NOT being able to really focus on what was happening and what might be a subsequent outcome turned into a benefit. I was able to be more loose with this design.

The end result, too, is hard for me to pinpoint. At once, this piece of artwork reminds me of a tattered old quilt, a fine rug that's seen better days, peeling wallpaper from that initially-scary house we moved into when I was in high school, or some of the fun background textures of a sci fi movie that pulls in a slight steampunk edge. So I finally decided that whatever the vibe, it was definitely otherworldly to me. Thus the title.

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I love that I ended up with a piece with great fall colors, and that this circumstance also just came to be, organically, rather than starting with a specific palette. It's how some of my favorite things happen. The pattern, too, was so interesting to me that I designed the first set of leggings, then a couple of days later went back to create the "remix" set.  They'll all be listed in my shop soon. I just had to design a kimono wrap, too. Because look at it! Doesn't this just call out for a chiffon wrap that drapes and falls around in a whispy way? With or without fringe... :)

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