"A Thing About Number Nine" Has Black and White Patterns Plus More

Very often, these blog posts that share what I think of as insights about these designer leggings I'm in love with making really focus around the design inspiration and the back story surrounding the artwork. Shop here.

The insight into this particular set of leggings takes a different approach. I don't really remember what I was thinking about or why I went in this direction, the day I designed this pattern. Sure, I was feeling all lovey dovey toward patterns and texture. But beyond that: nada. I have no insight or thrilling story.

Click to enlarge this pattern to see what design is actually printed there.

What I DO have is a serious need for you to see what this pattern looks like. I wouldn't want anyone to order these leggings without first having had a chance to see what's going on in the pattern. Because it's more than a repeating black and white circular overlay. Or set thereof. There's some colorful grungy flecks in there, too. Flecks hardly describes it, actually, but it's a start.

Seriously. Enlarge the photo depicting the artwork and make sure you can see what's happening here. There are not only repeating circles within circles to create an overall pattern. But the patterns themselves have patterns, too! If that's fun for you, go get yourself some leggings! Thank you and you're welcome!

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